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Emergency Call Works Emergency Call Works

Product Code: Emergency Call Works


DispatchStation is Emergency CallWorks' all-in-one application for providing receipt of E9-1-1 calls, managing the location by map and dispatching field resources. Using the industry's only single application design to natively integrate multiple functions, Call Taking and Dispatching is available directly from the Map, supporting traditional 9-1-1, Mapped ALI, CAD and call receipt-to-resolution reporting from a simple browser window and seamless workflow.


  • Traditional Computer Aided Dispatch Functionality with Integrated 911 and Mapping
  • Multi-User, Multi-Agency capability
  • Unit Management
  • Incident Management
  • Intelligent Command Line and Right Click Statusing as desired
  • Rotational Services
  • Legacy 9-1-1 (CAMA) and Administrative Call Taking
  • Mapped ALI functionality
  • Integrated TDD and IRR
  • NENA-Compliant workstation
  • Easy-to-use browser technology and user interface
  • Integrated VoIP Switch
  • Call Taking is available directly from the Map