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Motorola DTR700
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Motorola DTR700

Product Code: DTR700


With its slim, rugged design the DTR700 digital two-way radio is equipped with 50 channel capacity.  It is IP54 rated and operates at 900 MHz. A full-graphic color display and intuitive navigation menu helps you quickly locate all radio features. The DTR700 offers flexible communication options, including Digital One-to-One Calling and Digital One-to-Many Calling. The DTR700 also provides great coverage, long battery life and digital audio quality that is loud and clear audio wherever you are.


  • Interference free, private communications
  • Vibrant color display
  • Slim, rugged design
  • Prominent functional keys
  • Flexible call options
  • Wide area coverage
  • Loud and clear audio
  • License free, hassle free